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What the f*** should you blog about anyway? + cheat sheets for biz

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So, feel like you have nothing to say on your biz blog?

Is time doing that thing where it runs out the door without you noticing a whole day has gone?

You are not alone.

If you ever feel frozen, bamboozled, and totally godamn STUCK for something to blog about, help is at hand *swings by on Tarzan rope*.

Maybe you think there is NOTHING TO SAY about your business (if so, why are you in business?!)

Maybe you think there is SO MUCH TO SAY and don’t know what your clients would want to hear.

Does it all feel a bit..

I hear both points of view SO often among my clients and community, and I feel your pain. It’s hard to run a business, to do all the shit you need to do, to keep those plates spinning as well as adding a blog to the mix.

It’s time to get this blogging content ogre under control. Ready for some cheats?

1. Blog less + promote more

This is the one that lets you off the hook. Blog less, and promote more is the mantra for busy business owners, and something I wrote about back in the Help I don’t have time to blog series.

So, even one post a month (break it down into 15 minutes a week if that still feels too much as a task) will be better than nothing. Over a year that’s still 12 posts of content that you can re-air and share, and pull out quotes from to make lovely visuals.

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2. Link posts are super valuable to your audience

Link posts of valuable content are the time starved biz blogger’s goldmine. One of my most popular posts, Creative self-employment round up + download was super popular because it was a bumper edition of posts for super added value.

People like extra bang for their time buck, and they looooove convenience. So, round-up some useful links (hint, they don’t even have to be YOURS), and you have a post ready to rock.


3. Think in stories

Think about what your ideal client wants to hear, what content would they find valuable to read and come to you for? How can you showcase your awesomeness in a story?

Weave some narrative into a post around what you do, and you have an engaging story that is human, authentic, shareable, and rockin’.

(check out the AWESOME Ash from The Middle Finger Project for more on this).


4. Think around the service/products you offer

Sure, we need to know ultimately what you do and what you sell, but think around that for a moment. Consider client profiles, the story of your product(s), behind the scenes type posts, informative how to’s and added value blog series; opinion pieces, discussion pieces and the like.

There is SO much more to blog about that you realise.


5. Swipe it, baby!

When you see a blog title or whole post that you really love, swipe it, baby! I use Evernote to grab examples of posts that rock – you can then interrogate what works, why it works, and use your cheeky swipe files as brain juice fodder for your next posts.


6. Cheat!

So, you are really, super stuck for ideas? Cheat!There are some really handy blog post title generators that may help get your grey matter into gear.

Here are a couple that may help:

So, what really bugs you in thinking of idea for your blog? What gets your procrastinating like a plant watering, house hoovering fiend? Let us know in the comments below.

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