Smart and Savvy tech in 31 days Day #9: Canva

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Waaaaay back in the 90’s and noughties as we so cleverly called them, I was a designer.

An actual designer.

I also wore actual 90’s clothes and, if I am honest, I still do.

Yup, before I spread my wings wider to portfolio career that took in blogging, copywriting, teaching and the like, I had a real job in a real agency managing real people. And I was a Senior Designer/New Business Account Manager person, hustling, bustling and creating.

So it goes against my professional background to tell you about this clever tool, but DAMN it’s good.

If you are an online marketer, or a clever-preneur using content marketing (which I imagine you are if you are hanging out with moi), creating images for your sites will be a regular occurrence.

You have several options available to you as a content creator with images

1. If you want to get SUPER savvy with this stuff, I say head over to my Smart Bloggers Guide e-book which tells you all about it and is on a special “Pay What You Want” offer)

2. Get hold of a really, amazingly clever tool called Canva.

3. Do both of the above.


What the heck is Canva?

Ok, Canva is a drag and drop image maker designed especially for online stuff. It comes pre-loaded with easily editable designs, and also some really handy templates like posters, Facebook timeline covers, and social media images.



Purist designers are shaking their heads in their horn rimmed specs, clutching their iPads to black halter neck jumpers in shock.

You don’t need to master vectors and bezier curves and typography to do this stuff. No internships making coffee for “creatives” then weeping into your Gill Sans. This is the biggest design entryism since the Mac made everyone designers, and it’s going to cause mass hysteria.

Ok, well maybe not but it’s really bloody handy if you need to make cool images for visual appeal on your site in super quick time. Sorry, design purists…

So, get your hands on Canva to get started on your web and social imagery with less hassle than my two degrees in design. No it’s ok, I am not bitter.
I just got no-hassle original imagery with Dex Diva

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