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pinterest traffic

I bloody love Pinterest. I won’t lie. I wrote about a while ago when it was still the burgeoning, blogger-loved early adopter platform. When visual marketing really took hold in 2012/2013, brands jumped on board, internet marketers became more savvy, and now Pinterest is one of the largest content curation tools out there.

So, what’s the deal? Isn’t it just pictures of cake and wedding dresses?

No sirreeee. Pinterest is an incredibly valuable tool for online content creators, bloggers, brands, small businesses and superstar solopreneurs alike. It is also my number one source of social media  blog traffic, and leveraging a whole new audience through the power of the image has enhanced my engaged audience 100%.


How to use Pinterest for boosting your blog traffic

Create boards that your niche audience want to read

By creating boards that your audience will want to read, you add value to your lovely fans and followers. For example, my board Blogging, Geeky Chic and Business is a collection of posts on blogging, social media and content marketing that I have re-pinned, and that my audience will find valuable too. I also pin my posts there too, of course, so when my posts go live I already have a large following over on that board who are ready and eager to read my posts, share and re-pin my content, and away we go for some lovely traffic.

Pinterest blog traffic

Pin and Tweet

By clicking the Twitter button when  I pin, it also sends some new, useful content to my Twitter feed. This of course in turn send Twitter folks to my Pinterest boards, where they will follow them, and see all my new posts. Hurrah!

Screenshot 2014-02-06 11.11.43

Make your blog posts pinnable, peeps!

This is massive, MASSIVE, folks. For businesses and bloggers alike, making your posts pinnable is essential. Add the title of your post to you main image, to make it super easy to see when we want to pin it. Make your image stand out and be engaging – if you aren’t sure how to do this, my  Smart Bloggers Guide to Original and Beautiful imagery will help you – *winks*

Co-pinning boards

Co-pinning boards can be another super way to reach new audiences and get a load of lovely new traffic to the online world of you. Either start your own board and invite trusted friends/colleagues to pin, or request to join other group on boards in your niche.  A word of warning though, people you invite can invite others to co-pin, so make sure you trust who you invite to avoid your boards becoming off track.

Curate stories

Storytelling through Pinterest is a fabulous way to gain traction and engagement around an event, product or promotion. Use a board to tell the story of a launch, event, or to invite fans and your audience to send in images of them using your product to pin on your boards. Also, by using Pinterest to gather inspiration and things you like, your followers get a fuller picture of the brand “you” – even if it is purple hair and carrot cakes, as in my case.

pinterest tipsResearch

Pinterest is also, of course, a brilliant place to learn new things in your niche, to search for infographics, tips, tricks and much more.


Hashtags are big news here – use them to search for pins, and also add them to yours to make sure your beautiful content is found and re-shared.


Printables and freebies do really well on Pinterest. Again, create a fabulous image as your magnet, and promote your offer across several boards.

Create RSS  feeds of Pins across other networks

As the beauty of Pinterest is the impact of the image, harness that by making Pinterest work for YOU. I have set up some RSS rules and recipes using IFTTT and Zapier to push pins from certain boards to my tumblr account, to my Facebook page, and wherever you need. I also love to file pins that I “love” to Evernote using an IFTTT recipe. For more on the humble RSS and making Pinterest work harder, check out this post.

Embed pins

Embedding pins in your blog or site is also a great way to share the content and to encourage followers. The Pinterest for business page has all you need to get started, so get pinning in your posts to pack a punch!
Jo Gifford’s pin on Pinterest.

Re-purpose content

I am a big advocate of blogging less and promoting more. Consider creating quotes from your best posts and adding them to your boards with the pin linking back to the post. Or, create slides of posts, upload them to Slideshare and pin those. Pin your You Tube narrations of posts, and  also make infographics of your posts which share really well too.

New features

Pinterest is continuing to evolve, and animated GIFS may soon be added to the platform to make life even more interesting. Pinterest has also introduced “interests”, allowing you see at a glance your key interests.

Terms of use updates

Pinterest recently changed their terms of use, so make sure you have a gander especially if you are planning on running a competition on the platform.


I would love to hear how YOU use Pinterest. Leave your Pinterest links in the comments below too, so I can follow your boards and have nosey.

jo gifford

P.S My new course, The Smart Bloggers Guide to Creating Original and Beautiful Imagery is on right now, and will help you learn how to make awesome, pinnable, BYOOOTIFUL images. Come and join us!




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