Fighting off the Winter blues with Alpro



Winter can be such a mood sucking vacuum.

I wrote recently on Lifehacker about staying productive on Winter and beating the blues, and as someone who can suffer from a little S.A.D I need to stay on top of my game nutritionally and activity-wise to make it through the season.

Alpro asked me to take part in a fabulous #alproam challenge, all about combatting winter blues by creating imaginative, healthy and immune system busting smoothies.

I LOVE to get creative with my smoothies, so I have been mixing up a storm in the mornings. If you have been following my instagram feed and Facebook profile, you will have seen the snaps of my creations as the challenge progressed last week.IMG_3482

I have been mixing up with Juice Plus protein powder, Alpro Almond Milk Unsweetened, maca powder peanut butter, spirulina, bananas, coconut milk, hemp powder, kale, apples, cacao, cinnamon and all sorts of goodies to kickstart my mornings.

I have also been working on hitting my target of 10,000 steps a day movement-wise. I have been using a Fit Bit band to track my steps, which syncs with my iPhone to keep me on track. I tend to go out for a long walk after the school run, get some more air at lunchtime, and I have even been known to nip out after dark in my jim jams and wellies (with a coat over, of course!) to get in some extra steps.

Almond milk makes a great smoothie base as it is super low in calories if you are counting after some Christmas over exertion with food, and it is a tasty base for some imaginative smoothie creations!

Have a look at the video below to see more about the #alproam challenge, and of course do search the hashtag #alproam to see how the other ambassadors created their morning goodies.

Do you like a morning smoothie? Let me know what you think of my creations – you can find them all over on my  #alproam Pinterest board too!

jo gifford


Disclosure: Alpro provided me with products to create some awesome smoothies.



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