I was a childhood entrepreneur


I think I’ve always known that I was going to be an entrepreneur.

From a young age, even in my Junior School, I had several projects on the go. I used to sell my own handmade jewelry in the playground to my friends;  I also had a little team of writers and illustrators who would put together a magazine in our lunch breaks and we would copy that magazine, put it together and sell it in the playground for profit.We would do little stories and jokes, and we illustrated our world as youngsters and we really enjoyed working together as a team.Ok, we were kids drawing little pictures and photocopying it, but for us, it was our empire.

From the age of 9 I was in that little classroom emulating what I would be doing later on as an entrepreneur, acquiring my own business or an employee managing my team of designers in an agency. Hustling, creating, making, being.

I really believe that the seeds of who we are going to become are there in our childhood.

I’ve always loved creating, I’ve always drawn and made my mark. I had my first poem published in a comic at the age of 7, I illustrated the front cover of our Christmas nativity play at the age of about 6. I’ve always enjoyed being part of things, creating, making things and I’ve always enjoyed being part of what was going on.

Later in school, I used to put on plays and dance displays for charity; I would spend my time practicing with my friends and putting together routines to charge money for them and give that money to our chosen charity. This is something I’ve done throughout my adult life – races and runs, putting on concerts and all sorts of stuff for charity, as well as providing my support to other women with Endometriosis and to people who are trying to put together a working life with their chronic illness.

Although I’ve had the honour of working for some wonderful companies, I’ve always rattled the cage of the 9-5 life.

I have always greatly valued the skills and the experiences I’ve learnt from the wonderful companies I have worked for earlier in my career, but the portfolio career has always been for me. a writer, designer, blogger, a teacher, a manager, all the stuff that I had done over the years accumulates to make me the package that I am –  unique, bespoke and definitely just me.

I enjoy and have enjoyed all the elements of what I have done and really look forward to all the future learning I’ve got to come.

I think that, looking back to that childhood entrepreneur, is the key to making my soul happy. That childhood entrepreneur loved to make and sell and be with people, she loves to run her team, and she loved all to have all different projects. She was all about managing, creating and building and that’s just who I am.

Maybe the Minis have it in them too  – Eva pointed out at the park this Summer that rather than buy ice creams we could buy tubs and sell them to people….the inner spark of a CEO?

Were you a childhood entrepreneur?

When did you know that that component works for you?

Do you love a portfolio career?

I’d love to hear in the comments.

jo gifford




Jo Gifford

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