6 things you can do right now to boost your blog and business

6 things right now

Are you in need of a boost to get things moving for your blog and business?

This little list is do-able, attainable, super easy and effective, a sure fire little check list to make a difference in no time at all.


Off we go…

1. Add a Facebook like button to your posts

Let that great content be shared on the Zuckerberg continent, and watch your stats rise. Making it easier to click like straight away and seeing who else has done so gives social proof, it makes people more inclined to share when they see that others have been too. Geddit? Do it.

2. Email the most recent person who commented on your blog

Staying personal and grateful lets your readers know they are valued. Remember, the thousands start from just a few, so say hi, make someone aware you are glad they read your post, and it will make all the difference over time. If you are new here, leave a comment and I will do just that! :)

3. Make your next blog image pinnable, shareable and likeable

Most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest currently, which is proof enough that the power of the pin is juicy stuff indeed.
Make your images pin-tastic, add your wonderful content to a board on Pinterest, and make your images work for you. Make sure your blog post title is on the image so pinners know what they are sharing, and pin across a few boards straight after writing your wonderful wordery.

Check out my post on ways to create original blog imagery for some inspiration, 10 apps to boost your instagram pics and also this post on Polyvore for some creative ways to create images without the need for super duper software and design skills. Woot!

4. Go and have a discussion over on Google Plus

Seriously folks, if you are not on Google Plus STILL, I am going to shake my head, sigh a little, and pass you back over to my post on Google Plus for business. Make a start by popping over to the Plus, and have a little discussion. Why not start a thread about your latest blog post, pull out a key area to chat about, and welcome discussion. Heck, you can invite me over to add my two penn’orth too ( I am +Jo Gifford on G+), and let’s get you socially engaged, involved, and talking on one of the biggest platforms to affect your search engines rankings….Go!

5. Press record on a little vlog

Ok, let go of all the expectations for a vlog to be polished, perfect, expertly lit and all the rest of it. We love to engage with authentic, normal humans, and a little bit rough around the edges is often more endearing than a perrrrrrfect film star production quality blockbuster.

Play around with your smart phone.

Think of something your audience might want to hear, a little soundbite or behind the scenes info, and just click play.

Check out my little post here on time managementas an example (it’s not perfect, not brilliant, but it’s me!). You know what? You Tube is the second biggest search engine too, so by taking your first steps onto the platform and by overcoming the fear of the camera, you are one step nearer harnessing that.

Press record.

Share with us your vlog in the comments below, and let’s see how awesome you are!


6. Go and comment on someone’s blog you admire

Add a comment that is personal, insightful, and that adds value to new readers. You may just well find yourself some new audience members when they see you are someone who has something to say.

So there you have it, a few simple, super easy steps that when put together in a rinse and repeat type way can make a HUGE difference.

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  • http://www.fe-line.co.uk Jo Woodcock

    This post is awesome and so so helpful. I have been a little scared of Google + and Pinterest, but time to tackle them! Thank you.

    • dexdiva

      Jo, welcome! So thrilled it has helped, and thanks for stopping by :) xx