Help! I don’t have time to blog Part 3

dont have time to blog

Welcome back to the third in the series of “Help, I don’t have time to blog!” posts for those of you feeling that time is a little on the tight side.

So, if you missed the first parts,  catch up with them here and here  (it’s ok, I’ll wait I have pink loose leaf tea and am a happy bunny).

So, after slicing it up, reducing your expectations, using time better and more productively, and blogging less and promoting more, what now?
When time is tight, clever posts can come and save your ass.


Links and resources

Think about rounding up a really useful list of resources that your audience might find useful.

Here are a couple of examples:

15 free resources for bloggers and online content writers

 12 essential, inspiring books on creativity and business

The beauty of these posts is also that you can come back to them and do updated versions later on, so the scope is wider for less work.


Using what you already have

This is a great way to give even more value to your readers, just by curating together some of your existing work and lovely content. By linking together in a cohesive way a bumper round up of tips, your audience get more value, and you are simple re-airing your already written content.

These two posts are a good example of this, and were very popular:

❤ Creative Self Employment round-up

❤ Creative imagery and audience growing


Invite some guests

Guest blogging is a lovely way to reach a new audience, so reaching out to another content writer in your niche can reap many rewards. They gain from reaching your audience, and you gain from having some pre-written content. Offer to guest back for them when time is a little less tight.

So, how do you feel about having more time to blog now? Have you tried any of the techniques?

Stay productive and creative,

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