Help! I don’t have time to blog – Part 2

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Earlier this week, I posted about dealing with lack of time for blogging, so if you missed it head on over here to recap.

Aside from the tips I shared in part one, there are also some other ways to combat not having time to blog, which I share here in part 2, and which I hope will help in your blogging mission whether for your business or your personal brand. So, if you don’t have time to blog here is part 2 of this extended post.

Blog less and promote more

Firstly, and this is good advice anyway, blog less and promote more. Writing less articles that are of good quality is waaaaay better than churning out stuff when you are burnt out of ideas. Promoting one post really well is also good practice, and I would like by way of example to show you this excellent infographic I found via Pinterest by :

blog tips

The scope for the lifespan of just one post is incredible. (Also, the very fact I found it on Pinterest and am linking to the Baby Boomer site here is testament to the power Pinterest has and the communicative power of an infographic).

I would also add that using quotes from your post, making images of them using instagram apps or other creative methods gives some great shareable content to pin to Pinterest, share on Facebook and Google Plus, and to add to Instagram, like I often do.

Ways you could extend the life of a blog post

❤ Ask a group of people in your network their opinions and making a round two post collating the discussions together; you can embed tweets, Facebook and Google Plus conversations in a post.

❤ Asking a group of fellow bloggers or online writers in a similar niche to respond to your post and link to it. You can then do a follow up link post with all the alternative views included;

❤ Narrate your post or present it in You Tube to reach a new audience in a different way;

❤ Creating an infographic of the information in a post can extend the reach and allow your post and information to be shared more easily. I am a designer, (by original “trade”!) and even I feel daunted by creating an infogrophic. But, there are some great free resources out there to help you create an effective infographic to post on your Pinterest page, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus networks.

I tried out Piktochart to create the below infographic on my Evernote post, and it took me about 45 minutes to get the hang of it. Already that infographic has been re-pinned several times on Pinterest, and is being shared across my social networks. It’s not super beautiful by design standards, but it’s doing the job!


evernote infographic

Have you tried ways to extend the life of a single post?
Have you used infographics to positive effect?

Back soon with Part 3. Stay tuned!


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