Get shit done – 7 tips to overcome procrastination

get shit done


Ahhhhh, 2014 is around the corner and are we all setting new goals to be bigger, better, brighter, more productive?

In this little You Tube clip, I talk about 7 steps to beat procrastination, taken from this original guest post I did for the lovely folks at Regus Connect. I would love to hear whether procrastination is a problem for you, and what you do to overcome it and GET SHIT DONE!!

The free e-course I talk about is, of course here for you, and I would love you to join the hundreds of bloggers, business owners and online content creators who have already taken part in it.

Let me know what works for you to stay focussed, and how you plan to beat the procrastination demons this year.

Stay in the zone,

jo gifford


P.S If you want to check out my slides on this, they are all yours to view, embed and download over here:



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