The smart bloggers guide to promoting your posts in 7 minutes

smart bloggers guide

As all bloggers know, pressing the publish button doesn’t guarantee traffic. Getting your work out there and online is just the start of the promotion journey.
Here  is my workflow for promoting your posts and sharing a new blog entry the smart, efficient, sociable and creative way, and it takes just 7 minutes. Really!

❤ Set up a set of recipes using IFTT so that as soon as your post is published it goes across several networks. If you missed by step by step post on that you will find it here.
(Time taken: 0 minutes once set up)

❤ Next up, head on over to Stumble Upon and add your post as a new page. While you are there, stumble a few new posts, and maybe share some content of blogs you like too as extra karmic love.
(Time taken: 1  minute)

❤ Set up a TLC group with some fellow bloggers. TLC stands for Tweet, Comment and Like, the key traffic drivers to get a post seen. Commit to re-tweeting, commenting and “liking” each post a member of your group writes, and reap the benefits yourself. Email the post to your TLC group and benefit from group affection and sharing.
(Time taken: 1 minute once group is set up)

❤ Pin your post image to Pinterest. Set up some board of your key themes or stories/categories, and add your new pin to a board. While you are here, add some more pins from others to your boards, and tweet the pins for some sociable action. (Cheeky tip: you can use the Stumble Upon URL in Pinterest if you disguise the link in Buffer or Goole URL shortener for increased Pin/Stumble power).
(Time taken: 1 minute)

❤ Now, schedule some updates across your networks throughout the first day your post is live. I send to my G+ page and personal profile, Twitter, my Facebook page, and Linked In. I use Sendible and Buffer to schedule posts throughout the day all from the one dashboard,  and add settings for them to repeat over the next weeks.
(Time taken: 2 minutes).

❤ Next, I take my post into instagram, either by emailing myself the post  image and sharing as an instagram pic, or by taking a screenshot of the post from my mobile phone and sharing that way. I also have an IFTTT recipe set up that everytime I share an instagram pic it tweets as a native Twitter picture and also updates on my personal Facebook page and my Dex Diva Facebook page.
(Time taken: 2 minutes).

So, we are 7 minutes into promoting the post, and it has already gone to Linked In, G+, Instagram, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, been scheduled for today and next few weeks, and been commented on by friends.

How’s that for smart?

I use Comment Luv and a Google Plus comments plugin below my posts now to encourage conversation in Google Plus and for commenters to share their own websites and Twitter usernames for social impact. Combine this with my smart social media scheduling tips for ninja-like social efforts, and you are reaching far and wide with minimum effort for maximum results.

Do you work in a different way? How do you promote your posts? I would love to hear, do let me know in the comments :)

Stay smart and social,

jo gifford








Jo Gifford

My work is about helping people work in smarter, creative ways + getting their message out to the world via killer content—blogs, copy, images + social. I am a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek. You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions. I call it being me.
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  • Lyndsey Miles

    Love it! Must get better at this – I’m still at the ‘I’ve tweeted it – let the traffic commence!” stage at the moment….

  • Stephanie

    Wow! Brilliant, brilliant tips. Thank you, social media is one of those things that takes up way more time than it needs to. I think these tips will help me streamline the process.

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  • Becca

    These are some great tips! I was curious what program do you use to make your post images?

    • Jo Gifford

      Hey Becca! Thanks so much! I use Canva, Polyvore, and sometimes Photoshop. I have an ebook, the Smarty Bloggers Guide to Original Imagery which may help you, too x

  • Sally Weaser

    Some really great tips, thank you, but there’s no way I’ll get it done that quickly! Maybe after some practice I’ll get it down to 15mins, however I now know where to start. :-)

    • http:/ dexdiva

      Hey Sally thats great, I am sure it will help you to reduce time and you will get it down pat sooner than you think! x

  • Sheena

    Girl you are the best! So glad I found your help :)

    • http:/ dexdiva

      Hey Sheena,
      Ahhh, what a lovely comment! Thanks for stopping by :) xoxox

  • Annette Saldana

    Just came upon your site through Bushra’s group 60 Second persuasion. I’m printing pages left and right!! I look forward to implementing these practices in my biz and sharing your tips with others! Keep it up woman!

    • http:/ dexdiva

      Ahhhh thanks so much Annette! Great to have you here! xx