Links of love 1.11.2013

links of love
Welcome to a brand new month, lovely readers! This week the Minis and I have had a lot of fun begging total strangers for sweets in the name of Halloween, making, baking and having fun in half term, and pinning lots of lovely snuggly things for my forthcoming trip to Paris on Pinterest. Did I say trip to Paris?! Yes I did, roll on end of November!

Anyway, I would like to kick off this Friday in the customary way, by sharing with you some links of love in my round up of things of note and interest from the interweb.

30 lessons from selling $30million of ebooks – well worth a read if you are expanding your offering and blog spin-offs

❤ Nickie at Geekalicious has a great 2 part series on SEO here

❤ I just ordered this book from the amazing guys at 37 signals

❤ I loved this 5 tips for managing multiple businesses by designer and blogger Nubby

❤ Get more eyeballs on your blog posts with this great advice

❤ Future Learn have some great courses, for FREE – I have just signed up for this one, on Web Science.

❤  Really interesting post on writing for free

❤ Great posts from Katie on How to be a happier person

So that’s it from me – have a great weekend, and I will be back next week with a monthly theme of Instagram tips, tricks and hacks and much, much more!




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