DISCUSSION: Who are your favourite instagram users and why?

instagram discussion

As part of Instagram November this month, so far we have looked at why brands are flocking to instagram, 10 great apps to boost your photos, and we have much more to come.

With such a large community on instagram at the moment, I would love to throw open the discussion to find out who you follow on and why.

❤ Whose feeds, do you love, and why do you go back for more?

❤ Do you mainly follow individuals, brands, blogs, businesses, or just friends?

❤ Maybe you can’t stand instagram – if so, why?

Let’s discuss below, I love hearing what you all think.

You can comment with my Comment Luv area which also links to you and your Twitter account, or use my Google Plus area if you prefer.

I look forward to chatting with you in the comments!

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