11 ways to use instagram for business, your blog or brand.

 instagram for business

We know that the instagram app is still booming. We know that brands using the platform have increased in number by 80% in the last year. We have seen 10 amazing apps to boost your instagram photos.

So, what next? How exactly can you use instagram for business, or to market your blog or brand?


1. Giveaways and competitions
Using the hashtag #giveaway, instagram is a great channel to promote a blog competition, giveaway or to market an offer or discount. Drive traffic to your instagram by announcing the offer on there, and create a lovely image to advertise the offer. Wishpond wrote a handy guide on doing this over here, as did April from Glitter Gloss Garbage.

The premise is, invite likes and new followers, create some rules, link to your site, and make a lovely image to promote the offer.

2. Marketing your posts and blog content in a visual way
This simple tip is a great way to encourage a new audience to your blog, and to showcase your content in a simple, aesthetic way. I promote all my posts via instagram by creating an image for the post, and I email it to myself. I then save the image into my smartphone image library, and share via instagram. You could also share a post from your blog by opening up your blog in the smart phone internet browser and taking a screen grab of it, then sharing that image via instagram.

3. Visualise quotes, tips and shareable content
Visual content is the current currency du jour on social media, so creating lovely bite sized chunks that can be shared on your Google Plus, Linked In and Facebook pages will reap you rewards. Stay tuned for more on how to design for instagram later in #instanov right here on Dex Diva *cue salesman teeth bling* :)

4. Create  visuals to market products
Let us SEE what you are selling! Make collages of your fashion looks, photograph products, make everything visual so we know what you are all about. Instagram for business use requires you to consider how your product appears aesthetically, and make sure the message is clear within that square ratio on a smart phone.

5. Show some “behind the scenes” imagery from your life and work to give a personal edge to the images.
Instagram is a great way to allow some personality to shine through. Show us work in progress, behind the scenes hair/make up/design, whatever your niche is. Heck, show us your coffee and lunch, isn’t that what instagram was made for?!

6. Be inventive!
Get creative with how you use instagram, be it with some fabulous apps, snapping some hand made or collaged work, or collaging in PicMonkey, Collage App or similar.

7. Invite your audience to engage with you on their instagram channel by using a hashtag. You can then re-share their content using an app such as Re-post or via Stati.gram.

8. Link up with IFTT to make some automated instagram power
As most reader will know, IFTT is one of my favourite t’internet places to hang out for working smarter. I use recipes for sending my Instagram pics from my phone straight to my Facebook page and to Twitter as a native image so that it shows up in the timeline. Of course, you can always send to your personal page and to Twitter straight from the app itself, but as instagram and Twitter aren’t playing nicely in terms of image previews, make your own workaround

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9. Use hashtags in your content
Using hashtags will help make your content more searchable from within instagram, so use hashtags like #giveaway #blogtips #free or whatever is related to your marketing campaign or image to help make your images more easily found.

10. Stay engaged!
As with all platforms, instagram needs for you to be sociably active. Build your followers as you would on any channel, comment and engage with others, and enjoy it!

11. Combine with Pinterest for some post pulling power!
Pin your images to some lovely Pinterest boards for extra channel combining social power. Make stories from your instagram shots, curate boards with specific themes, and of course include ways to link back to your instagram channel and website. Pinterest is now the second biggest driver of traffic to this site, so it has some serious pulling power.
Invite your clients and audience to send their pictures via instagram and a tag to be shared on a Pinterest board – Boden do this really well.


Have you tried using instagram to build your blog, business or  brand?  Which brands do you admire on instagram?

Remember to stay tuned this month for the rest of the #instanov series right here on the blog, either by a weekly round up (with the free e course too!) or via feedburner as the posts arrive.


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