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I love to try out different ways of working to enhance my wokrflow and productivity, and to stay organised. I work across devices, an iPad, iMac, Macbook and iPhone, often in different locations, so I use apps that sync between them all to make life easier.

Here are some behind the scenes tips of how I work –  I would love to hear how you all work and what you use, if anything!

yast work smart

1. Yast
I  currently use Yast to keep track of time on jobs, admin, social media scheduling and personal projects. I find it helps to have a feedback loop of time expenditure, both to make sure I am focussing on the right things at the right time, and also to stay focussed when I am working on a task . I can be accountable to clients this way, as it tracks my time spend on their reports, social media and copywriting. I can then check in from time to time and review, to make sure I am not over or under delivering, and to check where  holes in projects are occurring.


2. Google Docs
I use Gdocs for SO many things, and I use it to plan out my blog post calendar and Facebook upates on my page.  I currently schedule my social media at the start of the day  – I use Buffer, Tweetadder and Sendible, and although my Twitter feed has more regular content due to the nature of the platform, I use a schedule and visuals for my Facebook page to track engagement and to make sure I am not doubling up on content.

teux deux work smart

3. Teux Deux
I have an on/off relationship with Teux Deux by the very clever Tina Roth Eisneburg; sometimes I find it really helpful to keep a digital list open on my machines, at other times nothing beats a lovely architects pen and Moleskine book. I am fickle like that. It syncs well with my iPhone, and is a neat, intuitive way to keep a list.

4. iCal
I tend to plan out my work and projects in iCal to make sure I am aware of the context around the jobs; that is to say, to ensure I am not booked up for the whole day with coaching, or blogging, or that a meeting isn’t booked on a day when I have content to write and a PTA bake sale/parents evening/insert here family commitment to make. It also means  I can move things around in the schedule visually, and using colours for different areas of life (work, family, exercise, social) really helps me to see how the week is looking.

What apps or offline techniques do you use to track and plan your day? I would love to know!

Thanks so much for reading!


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  • Stephen Marsh

    You are so much more organised than I am. I feel jealous. But I’ve tried becoming better organised hundreds of times, and never managed it.

    Instead, I keep everything in my head. I have one to-do list that’s updated at every stage (so at one point it’ll say ‘xyz – research’ and then I’ll edit that later to say ‘xyz – edit or invoice’.

    But other than that, I just juggle it all around my brain and hope to god I don’t forget anything!

    • dexdiva

      Hey Stephen, thanks so much for the comment! I am SO impressed you can keep it all in your head, that is by far the best way if you have a mind that manages to do that – mine seems to be all over the place! and I don’t trust myself not to forget. Good to see you here, thanks for jumping in. :)

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