The once a day email challenge

Hi folks! Are you a slave to your email? Could you check it just once a day? A short vlog from me with an email challenge.

Thanks for watching!



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Jo Gifford

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  • Bob Brotchie

    …and tough dichotomies such as this are why you and I engage, Jo! You make me think, darn it.

    I HAVE reduced the amount of ‘push’ notifications and this is very much work in progress. Incremental reductions and apprised decisions are where it’s at for me.

    I wonder if reducing email attendance isn’t a little, or a lot, like any addictive or habitual aspect in our lives, such as food dieting? We all probably know that shifting large amounts of weight in a short time (unless for a medical procedure) is generally unhealthy and anyway, unsustainable. But small incremental changes to reduce the food intake, or email digestion might be less of a shock to the system. This only works however if we actually measure and then monitor for improvements, and then actually follow through with the goals and objectives.

    I also think, there is a case for which persona is opening which email, and why! I have a growing business for which I receive enquiries anytime from 7am through to 11 pm. I can choose, and sometimes do, to turning off the wifi ‘push’ mails, or phone only mode, and this helps. The challenge is whether the potential loss of business as a failure to respond quickly is comfortable enough for the entrepreneur mastering out? I could use one of the apps you mention so I only receive business addressed emails, but then I’m still unable to check just once a day! At least though, I would only be checking the most valued correspondence.

    But leaves the final couple of aspects, distractions though they still are. Social media generated emails, and educational (like this) emails. My daily planning is based around the demands of my clients, although I can and do influence to some degree. But this ‘cat-herding’ does make it difficult to plan for an hour or two of dedicated email attention..

    In the final analysis, for me, once a day email attendance to emails is unlikely in the near future. But that is in no way saying I can’t smarten up further based in your fab recommendations.

    Sorry for the lengthy thoughts!

    • Rosie

      Bob, it’s simples!

      Amend it slightly to ‘Once A Day Email For Replying To Anything That Isn’t An Enquiry Or A Client Issue That Cannot Wait And Only Do Those New Enquiries Urgent Client Checks At Strategic Points Of No mOre Than 3 Times A Day’.

      Working for me well so far.

      Another tip is to move any compulsive/procrastination/avoiding other work element to checking email onto another behaviour, such as working through your RSS feeds.

  • Bob Brotchie

    Apologies as ever for my shabby copy! Darn iOS speeeeel check, auto-corrupt!

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