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Social media can be one, long, loud wall of noise unless you train that bad boy.

I hear this so often among my clients and classes, with the usual immediate shoulder slump, accompanying sigh and claims of “I don’t have time to be on social media all day!”.

Well, welcome to some social media tips, tricks and hacks so you can schedule your posts in 5 minutes and be that productivity ninja.

We all have work to do, and yes of course if your business is online then social media is a MASSIVE part of that. But, we can’t be chained to the feeds all day, going blurry eyed with an RGB glare tan.

It just doesn’t work.

So, without further ado, here is how to schedule your posts like a productivity ninja:

1. Remember what your followers want to hear.
What value can you give to them with your updates? Personal info and background stuff is great for building an image of who we are and to build relationships, but don’t forget to share content that your followers will find of value. So, the tweets you are scheduling will be along the lines of what you know your followers find useful; save the live updates for the personal quips, instafood pics and dog walking details.

2. Make your mass reading and research come to you.

  • Use your Twitter lists to group people together so you can easily find their tweets to re-share without having to be strapped to your timeline.
  • Arrange for the blogs and sites whose content you need to know and love to share to come straight to your email inbox.
  • Set up a rule in to allow tweets that you favourite to be filed in either a Google Doc or in Evernote, so that when you come to schedule some content for the day, it’s all there. *high fives*

3. Use a combination of social media apps for different abilities.

  •  I currently use Buffer to easily tweet and spread throughout the day shareable content to Linked In, Twitter, my FB pages and G+.
  • Tweetadder is really handy to schedule on randomising repeat things like archived blog posts, popular posts, and retweets from key people in your niche or on your timeline.
  • Hootsuite or similar (I use Sendible, but Hootsuite is just fine) can schedule posts throughout the day on all your networks; set content that is time specific to schedule when you need it.

4. Use analytics in Buffer and your scheduling app to check what people like. I can see from my dashboard the kind of posts that people are retweeting and clicking through to, so I can replicate them and do more of the same.

5. Collate your tweets together in a Google Doc spreadsheet, again by using a recipe on This serves for  a couple of reasons; firstly, you get an overview in a spreadsheet of all your tweets so you can check how you are sounding. Then, of course, the ones that aren’t time sensitive, you can copy, paste, and schedule again. Go, ninja, go!

So to round up – your research is all smartly filed, favourited and collated. Your updates are automated by using a combination of smart apps that are easy to use. Your data is all in one place so you can re-use it and check on what you said and when. Now, how does that feel? Less noisy, more do-able?

Working smartly leaves time to develop your actual work, to react to people personally on your timelines when you want to, and of course to add value to your readers and followers.It also lets you leave the office, a healthy activity my friend.

 I just got some social media tips, tricks and hacks from Dex Diva

Did these tips help? I would love to know what hacks and tips you use if I haven’t included them here.

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