Resources and inspiration round up 8.10.2013


Hey everyone, I hope this week is treating you well. In Diva land, I am working on my upcoming Skillshare class (yay, excited!), hanging with the VIP’ers and chipping away at an ebook project that has hung around for ages.

So, in the past week I have been lurking on the t’internet, collecting interesting and useful posts packed full of resources and inspiration, so feast your eyes on this little lot….

❤ I love this post about staying sane with the internet, a lot of good sense here.
❤  This brilliant post on 10 fast ways to be a better writer rocks;
❤ The lovely Lyndsey from my VIP group write an excellent post on freelance parenting and designing a flexible working life;
❤  Want to know the top 7 online marketing trends for 2014? Here they are, according to Forbes.
❤ As anyone who has done my Idea Generation for Bloggers ecourse knows, I love a good mindmap. Here are 7 reasons why NOT to mindmap…
❤ The super Pugly Pixel talks marble textures, with the FREE marble stock here
❤ From the fabulous ladies at Skillcrush, this blog post on 5 killer web design tips to make your website awesome will get your creative juices flowing
❤ Google has launched the Analytics Academy to explain how to use it in laymen’s terms (I am on it and it even makes sense to me!
❤  This round-up on the best photo apps is visual food for thought.
❤ Want to know how to add a signature to your blog? This post is great.
❤  Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to your “hero” blogger; great post by the wonderful Darren Rowse.
❤ I love this creative handwritten text project by Cristina Vanko; I may have to replace the common or garden typed messages for a while too, I imagine it would make people smile 😉


photo credit: ginnerobot via photopin cc



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