Learn about blogging | Blogging tips and tricks in my new Skillshare class!

Learn about blogging: blogging tips and tricks for beginners

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Lovely Diva Readers! I am super thrilled to announce that my brand new class, Creating Brilliant Blog Posts, is now up and live on Skillshare.
Do you want to know how to write a blog? Are you already out there writing but you want to improve your blogging, learn how to create and source imagery, and how to publicise your post to get the the word out to the world?

Among the many blogging classes available,  my creative take on making your post stand out is what you come to expect from yours truly.

Creating unique and engaging content is a constant challenge for bloggers, both for those new to the platform and those finding their feet.

In the course you will learn:

How to generate post ideas
What types of posts work and why
How to find your voice in blogging
Why imagery is important, and how to source it safely, uniquely and creatively
How to publish your post and promote it for maximum impact

I will share with you the secrets of finding the “sweet spot’ in blogging and content, how to hone your tone of voice, which formats work and why, and of course the secrets of getting your wonderful work read by as many people as possible!

The course is a combination of video lessons and written instructions with cheat sheets, and PDF files, and the all important community feedback. It also gives lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and make it work for you.

Join me to learn how to get the most from your blog posts, how to generate great ideas that are unique to YOU, and how to engage with your readers.

This class is perfect for bloggers and online content writers wishing to learn more about the mechanics of a successful post, and how to craft engaging content for their business, blog, or brand. Learn the skills I teach my clients to use, and take your blog writing to the next level!

The course costs just $10 at full price (around £6, a bargain!), but as a special offer to you lovely readers, I am offering a 50% discount too!

Just head on over to the class, and use the code DIVAREAD for your 50% off bargain! (that brings the cost down to £3, the price of a fancy coffee!). If that’s STILL too expensive for you right now, you can add it to your wishlist in Skillshare, and take advantage of my free Idea Generation and Creativity for Bloggers course.

See you in the class,






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