Friday Links of Love 11.10.2013


Well hellooooo lovely readers. Welcome to your Friday link-up of love, so settle down, get a brew on, and browse away at stuff I have been enjoying on the t’internet.

❤ Want to know what 10 tech trends will hit us by 2020? Course you do.

❤ Do you struggle with always feeling busy? I love this brilliant post on the busy mindset.

❤ The lovely Darren at Pro Blogger tells us about  5 posts in the first year of blogging that led to over 6 million views. Yep, 6 millllllion…

❤ My urge to hang in San Francisco and Silicon Valley is soooo strong. Here is why the tech Bay area is an entreprenurial hub.

❤ Everyone starts with a handful of fans, and this is why you shouldn’t forget your first fifty.

❤ Want to know how to get yourself adrenal fatigue? Advice I need to keep reminding myself :)

❤ Pinterest gets a widget on Telefonica’s Android phone and gets “promoted pins“. Let the pin win!

❤ If you need a heads up on using Instagram for marketing, this is for you.

❤ Foursquare gets real time recommendations, Big Brother styleeeee.

❤ This post on life before kids and life after kids made me laugh – so true!

❤ This week I hung out with the lovely Emma Cossey and Blognix hearing about growing a blog with tech. Check out the You Tube video here:

❤ Don’t miss the next one in a couple of weeks time.

❤ 20 signs a stay at home mum is ready to get back to work – I work part time, but many of these still ring true!

Image credits: Bloom & Grow via @quotemymoments on Instagram / Rainbow pics via me.



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