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Ahh, I love a cheeky workflow hack. This one is great for bloggers and businesses who use blogs; by setting up some simple actions and rules in some clever third party sites, whenever you hit publish on a new post you can send that post to Linked In, your Facebook fan page, your Twitter account AND to Buffer to be sent later in the day.

So, that’s 4 updates to drive traffic to your website by doing nothing more than hitting publish.
Want to know how I do it?

Here you go….

1. WordPress to Twitter with #
Firstly, I set up a recipe in If This Then That that sends a Tweet when a new blog post is published from my self hosted WordPress acccount. Note, I have included the hashtag #newpost in the tweet text which will work in the next stage.

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet my blog post


2. Twitter to Buffer
Next, I set up a recipe that sends a new tweet from me with the hashtag #newpost to my Buffer account to tweet from @dexdiva.

IFTTT Recipe: Twitter new post to Buffer 


3. Twitter to Facebook
Now, I want to make sure my Facebook fan page is covered. To do this, I set up a recipe in IFTTT to send an update to my Facebook page when a tweet with the hashtag #newpost is triggered.
IFTTT Recipe: New post from Dex Diva blog to FB


4. WordPress to Linked In Next up, I use set up a WordPress to Linked In recipe to send my new post straight to an update.

IFTTT Recipe: New blog post to Linked In

I also use Zapier for some automated updates (more on that in a new post), but there you have a 4 step automation to make sure all your new posts go straight to you networks without lifting a finger.

Efficient? Yes. Lazy? Yes, but I do like a smart workflow.

Let me know if you try this out, or if you have any other automated blog tips or post scheduling ideas.

Stay creative,




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