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Maybe it’s because I am an Autumn baby, but there is something about this time of year that really resonates with me. The whole “back to school” thing encompasses  most things I adore – new pens, shoes and books – and the promise of a new start.

For me, the new term always feels more like the start of a new year than January 1st. There is a promise, as the nights draw in, and the sun sets low in the evenings with that nice light and chilly air, that something new is around the corner. A new start, fresh beginning, and a new term in every sense.  Autumn hasn’t always had entirely good connotations – if you have time to read it, you can find out here why) – but now I am back in the rhythm of loving this time of year.

It’s no secret that I would LOVE to go back to school as often as possible; I have repeating anxiety dreams about missing my Art A level classes (geek), and I have a PhD itch that I will need to scratch at some point in life.
The Minis started school this year, which crept up on me rather suddenly. My babies are now scooting off to school in their uniforms and are out for most of the day , returning only to eat the house bare and flop on the sofa.

So, in honour of my tiny scholars and my adoration of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, here is my list of things that Autumn teaches me.

1. Seasons do, and will, change –  this too shall pass, and Winter does always turn to Spring.

2. Investing in yourself and education should be a lifelong journey of learning. Self improvement will always reap rewards, be it reading new books, doing new professional or personal courses, attending talks, lectures, or simply learning form others. Keep the cycle of learning going in order to thrive. Right now I have my eye on belly dancing classes (yes, really!), I have a wonderful pile of books to get though, and a list of classes on Skillshare to hit up.

3. New books are a thing of wonder. Those fresh pages of sketchbooks and exercise books hold secrets of mind maps not yet made, ideas not yet articulated, business ideas in the making and aims and objectives not yet defined. Whack in some coloured felt tips and some old school offline creative thinking is a moment away.

4. Meeting new people opens new doors. New schools mean new people, or for me right now, meeting new Mums. Meeting new people in life is always wonderful; connecting with others with an open mind and heart opens up all sorts of opportunities. Be ever ready to connect.

5. New shoes signal great things. As if this needs explanation?! :)

Do you love Autumn too? How do you keep your learning on the move? I would love to hear.





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