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Creating content and making it look fab just requires a few little tricks. So, whether you are blogging for your business, for yourself or for clients, this little roundup of free resources will keep you going and get some creative posts flying off your virtual desk in no time!

Sourcing imagery for a copyright-hassle-free blog may seem like a headache but there are some great free resources out there ready and waiting!
1. A Flickr Creative Commons search will show up some great images with attribution links that you can use for a piece.
2. Photopin is an awesome resource that not only shows up free images for you to use, but provides code for the photo credit and a download link. Easy peasy! They do have sponsored image links to iStock and others, but scroll down and find the free ones and you are in business.
3. Speaking of iStock, they often release free illustrations and photos for download, so check out the site and see what you can use.
4. Morguefile is another fab resource for imagery with free photos to download, searchable by a range of terms.
5. Recite is the website that generates quotes into useable images, great for Facebook and G+ posts, and for illustrating your blog articles. Quotes are very meme and Pinterest friendly, so it can be useful to pepper your posts with some of these bad boys.
6. Easi.ly is an amazingly easy to use infographic designer online. No need to know the ins and outs of Indesign to create your own infographics, a few clicks and you are there. Boom.
7. Polyvore is one of my favourite image creating resources; watch my screencast here, and read my post I did a while back.
8. Pixlr is an amazingly handy Photoshop replacement resource. Although I have the CS Suite for my design business, I also use Pixlr from time to time if I am working away from my main iMac; perfect for Facebook timelines, collages, image cropping and layering.
9. If you are a WordPress newbie and tinkering with your blog yourself, WP Beginner is a really handy site for tips and tricks to get your blog looking beautiful.
10. Evernote is such a brilliant online idea clipping and storing app and website, perfect for bookmarking ideas to come back to later.
11. If your email subscription list is under 2,000 people, Mailchimp’s HTML email system will do you well. I use Aweber as I prefer the autoresponder options for my ecourse, but as a free option with lovely drag and drop templates, Mailchimp is the one.
12.Brainyquote is a great resource for targeted quotes with correct attributions;  use them for your Recite images, add to your posts, or use as Facebook or Twitter updates.
13. ProBlogger is a brilliant website by the fabulous Darren Rowse, with an enormous wealth of resources for bloggers.  You can view a couple of my guest posts here and here.
14. Focus At Will is a really wonderful neeurologically tested online music player that is designed to help you focus. Although the pro version costs money, you can use it for limited sessions for free – perfect for getting into the blog writing zone! I love it, but that’s the string player in me 😉
15. My Idea Generation and Creativity course for bloggers is totally free, so of course I am going to include that here too! Hop on over and sign up if you haven’t already.

So, there you go! I really hope you found these useful – let me know in the comments if any are new to you and if you found them useful.

I just got a roundup of 15 FREE resources for bloggers

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    Thanks for sharing all of this. It looks great. I’ve just been on Recite and can see myself spending hours messing around with that! So cool!

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    Thanks for this awesome resource list, this will be very helpful!