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I am not going to lie, folks. Me, myself and I have not always seen eye to eye. The amount of pressure I have put myself under; the amount of times I have berated myself for not being thin/pretty/clever/rich enough are just ridiculous. I think women can be particularly cruel to ourselves (and each other), so when the What I See Project approached me to be one of their communicators, I was thrilled.

Learning to love myself despite, and with, chronic illnesses, challenging physical and emotional situations and ever changing goalposts has been one the largest learning curves i have ever been on. I would go so far as to say that once I started looking in the mirror and loving that girl I saw in there, my health began to turn around. Self loved doesn’t mean bing arrogant, it doesn’t mean you are conceited; it means accepting yourself for who you are, and treating yourself as you would a beloved friend or relative. Self love means being aware of what you need, what is good for you, and DOING IT! It means stopping that voice in your head that tells you how fat/old/ugly/stupid (delete as appropriate) you are.

The What I See Project is the brainchild of entrepreneur Edwina Dunn, the lady behind loyalty programmes such as Tesco’s Clubcard. She is an entrepreneur, and as a woman who has sat on the board for many companies realised that women need to be inspired to have their stories told and their voices heard.

what i see project edwiba

This not-for-profit project celebrates every day women, and is a place for women to express themselves freely about what they really see in that darned mirror. I am so thrilled to have been invited to take part in this wonderful and powerful campaign as a communicator, and can’t wait to see the final show at the Science Museum in October. The ambassadors also involved include an array of wonderful eminent women, including my favourite, Martha Lane-Fox, Last Minute.Com founder.

So, here is my video as part of the campaign. It’s an unrehearsed, off the cuff, straight to my Mac webcam chat, spots, bad make up and all. But, it’s me.

So, ladies I encourage you to get involved. Follow the wonderful videos and stories on Twitter, via the hashtag #whatiseecampaign, and also on @whatiseeproject. More is on Pinterest and Facebook, so head on over and have a look.

You can also take part and submit your own story to join the hundreds of other women having their voices heard.
Thanks for listening to me today, and I would like to bass the baton to tomorrow’s lovely blogger, Beckie Smith at http://ciswhitefemale.wordpress.com/ who is the next wonderful woman to share her story.

Be part of this wonderful initiative, and be proud of what you see.




Jo Gifford

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  • http://www.angliacounselling.co.uk Bob Brotchie

    Jo, what a beautiful film!
    (I know I’m a bloke, and all that ;-/ but can I comment?)

    This short resume has really brought home just how valuable ‘seeing’ the person, the individual; observing the frailty – and the strength, the passion and heart that emanates from your words, from your facial expressions.

    I say this because as we have ‘engaged’ over the months in our online way, we cannot help but make judgement in some way. Seeing you, really seeing you; the expressions and micro-expressions demonstrates more than typeface words ever can, the beauty, and integrity that clearly is you.

    In session, with clients sharing guidance or counsel, I often allude to the ethos that is this.

    When you are with someone, a partner, a child, a colleague, or whomever; in that moment, they are the most important person in the world.

    Jo, you made that for me, very, very easy, as I enjoyed your short film.

    Thank you for being you, for your inspiration, creativity – and courage. You really are a wonderful part of our collective :-)