Top blogger tips from Nickie O’Hara

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Nickie O’Hara, who is bringing us her unique perspective on blogging, along with her top 3 tips for bloggers. 
Nickie is not only a wife, Mum, Nana, full time for charity worker and part time student – breathe! – but she also expands those 24 hours in a day to run 2 blogs as well. Phew! The idea of it makes me feel tired 😉
Over to Nickie, who kindly found the time to answer some q’s for us here on Dex Diva.
Tell us about your blog – when did you start it and why?
I originally started Typecast (my personal blog) because I had a story to tell and I felt it was the right time to tell it.  I used an old blog that has had many guises but finally found a name that I was comfortable with and decided that I wasn’t going to blog to a theme – it was going to be more aimed at my view on life and anecdotes about my family.  After three years I split the blog into two because I was writing a lot of blogging tutorial so started a new blog called Geekalicious.
Does blogging have a place in other areas of your career too? If so, how?
I write a blog for work but it’s very much a niche subject and only read by people within our immediate network.  It is something that needs expanding on and we’re working on that.
What do you love most about blogging?
The fact that you can have a corner of the internet to call your own. You are responsible for the content through control of the words and the pictures and it is up to you to respect that privilege.
How often do you post?
Whenever I want to. Some weeks it can be every day (on the personal blog) and other weeks I may only post once or twice.  On the geek blog I am quite strict with myself and only post on there when I have a relevant article to tutorial to share.
Which blogs do you read most often and admire?
I read an enormous amount of blogs.  I have used Google Reader for a few years now and I’m sorry to see it close down.  I like the flexibility of being able to browse through other people’s thoughts and lessons at my own speed and I get inspiration from all corners of the internet.
What problems have you encountered with your blog?
Finding a theme/template that I like that is compatible with Blogger.  I’m a fiddler and like finding ways to tweak and tinker.
What top 3 tips would you give to other bloggers?
Be yourself, i.e. don’t be pressured into following the crowd.
Keep learning.  Find ways to improve yourself as a blogger.
Even on a personal blog, think about branding.  Use that branding across all social media channels.
Where can we find you?
Twitter: @nickie72
Thanks so much Nickie!



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