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Whenever I blog for a client or for one of my sites, the working format and frame of mind is something that I tend to replicate each time.

I would love to know how you readers approach your blog writing tasks too, it would be great to compare notes.

For me, I need the following:

1. A semi tidy desk if I am working on the iMac, or a comfortable place to be if I am out and about on the iPad. Somehow if the area I am in feels cluttered my brain won’t fire out the words efficiently.

2. A cup of something hot (usually redbush tea, sometimes coffee although I am cutting down, often tea).

3. A quiet mind – if I am in a creative “buzz” frame of mind I have to work on training it to calm down and focus if I am on a client deadline.
Apps like Headspace really help with that, or I just take 5 minutes to practise mindfulness and breathing.

3. Emails, Skype, Gchat and messenger apps turned off (or I get distracted).

4. Some good writing tunes on Spotify. For me, depending on the day, that can be Daft Punk (my fail safe choice), some drum and bass or calming Bach.

5. An hour clear without phone calls interrupting, the Minis due home or visitors arriving.

If I am finding the post challenging, I often use the “chunking” method, something I talk about on the Idea Generation for Bloggers course, and break the task into slices of 15 minutes with an alarm on my iPhone to keep me focussed.

Sometimes I have too many post ideas accumulating in my mind and I take to some old school methods and get them all out on post it notes.I can then edit them, re-arrange and prioritise; sometimes the offline ways are best.

I would love to hear how you all work – what music works best for you, how you avoid distractions and mind wandering.

Also, do you find it easier blogging for yourself or for clients?

Let me know in the comments or via Twitter with #dexdivablogchat.



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  • Darcy

    I find it easier to write when I have a hard deadline, otherwise I can easily flip flop. I have started closing out social media tabs while writing because I get too tempted to check them.

  • http://www.AffiliateHelp.Info Jon Rhodes

    I don’t really have a regular routine about writing. It could be at any time of day, with or without company or music. The only thing consistent is that I “know” I’m in a writing frame of mind. I just feel like writing, so I write. This is usually when I don’t have loads of stuff pending, so I can totally immerse myself into my writing.

    I think I would find having routines and rituals distracting. If any of them got tampered with then I might not be able to write. That’s why I leave them alone.

  • Sarah L. Webb

    I have to have the whole day free to really get into that frame of mind. It takes me so long, that I need a big block of time. I don’t necessarily need much else. Just time.

  • Tammy Eakes

    I find that my most clear mind and best writing occurs at around 5am. The house is quiet. Husband and kids are still sleeping. The day has not began to unravel and throw obstacles at me. I curl up on the couch with my computer and a cup of coffee, launch my blog, and start typing. I type out every single thought that comes to mind. After I’ve literally gotten everything out of my head and onto the screen I go back to each thought I typed out and elaborate on it. Then I do my formatting and create whatever pics I want to add to the post. Then I publish it. I can’t have ANY noise. There is no way I could work with music playing. My mind just doesn’t work like that. I use to work in my office but for some reason I seem to spill more thoughts when curled up on the couch. Maybe just bc I feel very comfortable and I feel like “me” sitting there with legs criss crossed and pillow and computer in my lap. I’ve recently decided to start working out 1st thing in the morning when I wake up instead of after I drop my kids off at school. I’m very interested to see how changing the timing of my blog writing affects my content.
    I found you through the problogger Discussion Post contest. I am participating too.

  • Rohit Sharma

    I do some brainstorming with some of my buddies to conceive the idea for new blog post and take notes then I sit back and create an outline which is followed by some research on the web.

  • Katie S

    I’m just happy if the baby is asleep or playing by himself. Anything else is cake.

  • Molly

    LOVE this post – I’m fascinated to see how other people work. I’ve joined in the discussion here: