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This week I am away taking a week off, so in the meme of working smarter, I leave you with some pre-published blog tips that get sent out as newsletters to attendees of my Idea Generation for Bloggers e course and also people who subscribe to the blog (see top right, boom.) Hope you enjoy them, and if you want these bad boys to come to your inbox, sign on up.
Welcome everyone to the first weekly round up of blogging tips from me, Jo Gifford AKA Dexterous Diva.
This week it’s all about making information come to you.
I, maybe like you, blog for several clients for business as well as my own site.
As a pro blogger, I need to stay plugged into the channels that I need to know about for my clients, and also the stuff that I love and am passionate about for Dex Diva work.
When you are writing several blogs at once, you need to have different “hats” on; for some people I am a tech/media blogger, for some a designer blogger, for some arts and culture, and it varies day by day (sometimes hour by hour) which hat I wear. My many personas are fun, but can be confusing, so I need to be smart about how I work or I go a little bit crazy…
To make information come to me in a smart, efficient way, I have a few tricks:
  1. Make lists on Twitter from keyword searches and # updates. Save your lists as columns in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite etc so when  you are blogging on that niche you can check in on what’s new.
  2. Google alerts are really handy for having the main news from keywords emailed to you. Set a few up, and you will get an email ping when your subject has an update.
  3. When you find blogs on your niche that you subscribe too, set them up in Feedly or a similar RSS reader under your category so you can check in when you need to.
  4. Use smart folders in your email client (I use Gmail smart folders from Labs to organise mine), so any RSS subscriptions from particular feeds get filed for when you need them.
  5. Make friends with PR’s in your niche so they can send you any info that might be relevant.
  6. Use a #bloggerrequest hashtag on Twitter to alert people that you are searching for information or case studies.
Do you use any of these tricks already? Do you have any more suggestions?
Let me know via Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #dexdivablogtips and I can’t wait to hear.
This week I also wrote a post on apps that I use for workflow, which you may find useful.
Back next week for more tips from me.
Have a wonderful weekend, and keep blogging,



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