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Hello everyone, in today’s weekly bloggers tips post from me, I want to share a really handy tip that bloggers may find useful: Fiverr.

In case you don’t know it, Fiverr is a micro task site, whereby hundreds of thousands of people offer jobs and skills for just 5 dollars (around £3 in GBP).

Each seller offers what is known as a “gig” for $5, and there are literally thousands of gigs out there which may help.

Tasks that bloggers may find useful include:• Coding help and HTML/CSS work.
• Blog template installation and tweaking.
• Illustrations (see mine above!) and imagery, great for original, interesting images for your blog at a great price.
• Ebook covers, squeeze pages and marketing funnels.
• Transcribing posts from audio files.
• Research and help gleaning information.
….and the list goes on.

You can even get a puppet to send you a personalised message ( I did this for Mile’s birthday and I was laughing about it for aaaaaaaages).

Obviously, as with anything you buy online you will need to research the gigs and feedback on their profiles first, but in general you just can’t go wrong!

I promise you once you outsource a tiny task that you need help with, you will see the light.
Have you tried Fiverr? Let me know if you use it in blogging?

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Have a great week, and let me know how you get on.

Keep blogging!



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