Social media mashup:Pingram

Pinterest has been on a boom and bust cycle at the start of 2012; from huge user uptakes, articles declaring it the next big thing, to a hasty retreat as the blogosphere feared for their copyright pursued purse strings. Instagram remains a visual social media platform we have a lomo love affair for, so what happens if you combine the two?

Enter Pingram.Pingram is the brainchild of Italian web developer Gennaro Varriale, who claims to have created the visual social media mashup in seven hours over a weekend. He told Mashable, “ I love Instagram and use it frequently,” “I also use Pinterest and I love collecting photos in boards. While I was searching [for] a way to pin my Instagram photo, I got this idea — A simple way to share Instagram photos with a clean interface, similar to Pinterest inside a vanity url page.” (via Mashable).

The site works much like Pinterest, by creating boards of images, all from fellow instagrammers. On first login an account is created using the instagram API and pinning may commence. A user may only pin images from other members of Pingram and not the Instagram community as a whole ot avoid permissions issues. A Pingram member can delete their account at anytime if they no longer wish for photos to be pinned.

Varriale initially developed Pingram for personal use but decided to open it up for general use whilst tweaking the code. The response has been “overwhelmingly positive”, with a lot of early adopters from the digital world and blogoshere enjoying the concept and pinning their Instagram images.

The mashup of services provides a lot of food for thought; what other social media services would you like to see combined in one platform? Would you consider using Pingram, and do you think it will be more popular in the light of Pinterest’s questionable copyright laws?



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