This week 15.2.2012

Playing with my letterpress type from ebay  ❤ writing in pretty inks with Campo Marzio ink pen from Kate’s Paperie ❤  falling in love with my new Zatchels distressed leather satchel, a beautifully crafted bag and perfect for the essentials including JOTTR pad, pens, Korres lip butter and iPhone.. ❤ being housebound with chicken pox twins and playing with hairdryers, this one of course the beautiful GHD air ❤

You will find me talking about Penguin 75, my latest list love for Wunderkit the social project app, and social media as the future of news…




Jo Gifford

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    Round up of my week in pictures, feat @zatchels @kates_paperie @ghdhair and letterpress love

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    @lisaannejenkins LOVING @dexdiva’s site, especially article with pic of #zatchel, have been debating getting one! []