New Diva 365

new diva 365


Here we are again. Autumn.  My favourite time of year.

Autumn is always a time of change for me; traditionally, of course, with the back to school vibe of new shiny shoes and text books. Being an Autumn baby the new year starts for me here, and the hues of orange brown and red really resonate for turning over a new leaf.

6 years ago, pretty much to this weekend, this happened. I like to check in with myself and see how far I have come since then (amazingly far), what has happened (so much! ) and who I am as a person  – all in all, most is unrecognisable.

To keep things moving and to challenge myself this Autumn I am setting myself a new challenge.

Simply this: do something new, every single day. For a year.

It might be something as simple as listening to a new radio channel, wearing a different nail colour. Maybe it’s ordering a new wine rather than the usual Merlot. I have a list to get myself started and there are lots of things I want to try: bikram yoga, wall climbing, dance classes, maybe it’s new food, new towns, new style, new music.

I want to see what happens when I push myself in new directions on a subtle level, every day.

Also I am throwing it open to you all to give me things to try. Keep it clean….I am open to new ideas.

I will record it on the blog and Dexterous Diva Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under #newdiva365Want to join me in a challenge? Come along for the ride, let’s see where we go!




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  • Michelle

    Bloody brilliant idea Jo. With you every step of the way xxx

    • dexdiva

      Woohooo!!! xxx

  • aunite Lu Lu

    great idea! if you are ever in need of an activity partner let me know! xx

    • dexdiva

      Of course, Lu Lu!!! xx

  • jenn

    Hey, sounds like a plan!! Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to. Give me a shout if you want some company xxx

    • dexdiva

      Thanks lovely!! xxx

  • Emma Cossey

    Would love to get involved too! Did a similar thing a while ago ( but this sounds really achievable!

    I like the idea of trying a new food each day, and I want to try and learn a new fact/word each day.

    • dexdiva

      Oh fab! Its just nice to make yourself DO something new isn’t it :) Do join in, tweet me or Facebook on the Dexdiva wall what you get up to xxx

  • Sam Sparrow

    Well yes, this sounds grand! I would like to try new things, only because I can feel the beginnings of a rut setting in. I would love to try Bikram yoga, but I’m crap at yoga and am a bit scared!

    If you find yourself heading to a London Bikram class let me know :-)

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