Instagram exhibition

I am a huge fan of insta.gram and am always snapping away (my feed is to the right hand side of the blog in the sidebar).

For me, it’s a natural way to record snippets of life and to share socially images of what I am up to. It’s a lovely creative scrapbook that can also be sent as emails, printed books, postcards etc, AND it’s all lovely lomo effects and easy to access from my iPhone. I am as sucker for some faux lomo.

In the 7 months or so since it’s launch insta.gram has gained a huge following, and the social network around it provides a fabulous visual “tumbling” platform for imagery. I still adore my lovely Nikon camera for taking “proper’ shots, but the lo-fi instant access of  this little app has a certain undeniable appeal.

Pocket localised groups of Instagramers are springing up (sadly not one in Cambridge yet and I would love that, the geek that I am. C’mon guys, it’s Silicon Fen after all!), and the London group are showing their work this month in hipster-town Brick Lane.

Here’s the blurb below. I think it looks fab and may well pop on down; of course I will send an instagram of my visit. Oh, the postmodern irony….

“My World Shared is the first exhibition by IGers London. IGers London are a group of individuals from London and beyond with a shared passion for iPhoneography, and more specifically a free iPhone app called Instagram.

The idea of the exhibition came out of an Instameet held in the Brick Lane area, a busy vibrant part of London. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the iPhone created works come to life in a gallery space? So IGers London first Instagram exhibition is born.

My World Shared captures the concept of Instagram – to record in images our world around us, our lives, our outlook, our views, and share that view with the rest of the world. It is an individual view, but one that others can relate to, like postcards from a friend.

My World Shared Exhibition will take place at the East Gallery – Brick Lane – London.

The Exhibition will be opened for Public on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2o11, from 12pm until 8pm.”



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  • Alison

    This looks great. I’ll try to go as it’ll be inspiring to see what can be achieved. I love taking pictures and now I use my mobile more and more to do so.

  • Sarah Betty


    I saw this too and will def be going. It looks fab :)

  • Sian

    Yes… I’ve know about it for a while and i will be there 100%.