Hey, solopreneur! Still struggling to articulate what your “thing” is, let alone how to tell the world about it (with exactly zero hours in the day)?
    Welcome, overwhelmed one. I’m Jo, and I am about to become your new bff.

    Hi I'm Jo

    This is the battle cry for all brave, bootstrapping solopreneurs who :

    • Can’t look their blog in the eye because they’ve been neglecting it (but can’t find the time, dammit)
    • Want to go on a creative juice cleanse and rid themselves of all cliches, writer’s block, and buzzwords.
    • Feel ready to face their tech fears once and for all (and overcome them,  and never look back)
    • Need a proper dose of support, vision, productivity and a little kick in the pants.

    If your ears (or your heart) just perked, there’s only one thing left to do: Join me.



    Jo Gifford As Seen on

    dexterousdiva-jogifford-circle I help people work smarter and in more creative ways. Together, we get your message out to the world via killer content—blogs, copy, images + social.
    I am a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek.
 You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions.
    I call it being me.